#MeAndMcQueen – Part 2

3 Oct

I arrived home from work and there it was; the jiffy bag containg Lightning McQueen. I hoped he’d be alright; it had been a long journey, but thankfully @JCautomatic had taken precautions:


McQueen is delicate after his years stranded in Oxfam

“What the fuck is that?”, were my girlfriend’s words as I carefully removed Lightning McQueen from his jiffy bag, closely followed by, “Oh God, no….he’s not going on the fucking window sill”. But he was, and it was there he sat and watched us until I had decided what to do with him. It didn’t take me long. First we went for a cigarette.

McQueen's first fag in years

Then we decided to get drunk.

My namesshh? Itsshh 'McQueen'

The rest of the night was spent snuggling up in front of the TV, we were too hammered to do anything else. I did take him the park the next morning to give him some fresh air and help him overcome his hangover.


He loved the swing the most.

Higher! Higher!

I had a great time and will miss the bearded wonder. Next stop is @_gAiL__

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