Fuck You, Cancer

17 Apr

‘Fuck You, Cancer’ is the story of my brother’s battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When he got diagnosed with the cancer in July 2012, I decided to keep a blog throughout his chemotherapy treatment to raise awareness, and to also give us both an outlet to express our thoughts and feelings about the whole process.

This book is a collection of the stories from the blog, and includes updates about his chemotherapy treatment and more, such as his pre-chemo sperm sample donation, and the wonderful ‘Farting Lady’ we met in the ward. Despite the subject (cancer, lol!) it is light-hearted and humorous throughout, as we attempted to take a different approach to his treatment, often poking fun at it when we could.

ANY MONEY THAT IS MADE FROM THE SALE OF THIS EBOOK WILL GO TO CANCER RESEARCH. I wanted to put it up for free on Amazon, but they wouldn’t let me (the bastards), so I’ve set the price at £1.50. Amazon take 50p of the fee you pay, anything else will be given to charity.

Just click the image below to be redirected to Amazon.

Go on, buy it, it's for a good cause

Go on, buy it, it’s for a good cause

Thank you.

One Response to “Fuck You, Cancer”

  1. beckysaysthings April 18, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    This is an amazing endeavour. I am going to buy it. Right now.

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