Quiz Team Names Part 2

14 Sep

In the first part of my guide to choosing a decent quiz team name (see here: https://kylejwilkins.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/quiz-team-names/ ) I looked at the Do’s and Dont’s of choosing your team name. If, after reading that guide you are still stuck for inspiration, I have come up with some more names for you, taking into account the rules from the first part of the guide:



Bin Laden’s Body Bag
Much Ado About Bumming
The Anal Beads
Ian Beale’s Light Sabre Surprise
The Spunking Whelks
Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
Quiz on my face
Here comes the quiz stepper
Inter Spina Bifida
Bestiality Killed The Cat
Salman Rushdie ate my rhubarb
Enter Colin
The Squatting Rhinos
Granddad’s Magic Sausage
The Orange Ostracised Ostriches
The Wonderful And Talented Squad (TWATS)
Strictly Come Mincing
Les Dennis and the Heartbreakers
Terry Nutkins’ Autumnal Balloon Ride
The Spanish In-Quizition
Quiz Me Baby One More Time
Punch Us Up The Sphincter
You Ain’t Half Grot, Mum.
The Defecating Moths of Portugal.
Menstrual Sensations.
Boris Yeltsin and the Birthmark of Doom

There should be enough to keep you going.

As usual, your suggestions are more than welcome, and I will include them in part 3 (unless they even worse than the above).

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