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Prader Willi Blues

12 Mar

My mum was sympathetic to my clumsy manner,
She’d ignore the tripping over and my rambling stammer.
My Father was helpful and would often say,
‘It’s not your fault you have a speech…….delay’.

I’d trip over steps and always drop my toys,
I knew I was different from the other boys.
My excessive weight gain that went not just to my hips,
Not complimented by my almond shaped eyes and thin, down-turned lips.

As I got older and other boys grew taller,
Delayed puberty meant that I remained shorter.
Depressingly obese and with sparse pubic hair,
And a high narrow forehead, life was not fair.

I had a sleeping disorder and excess fat,
A lack of complete sexual development which meant that,
I was often angry, irritable and vexed
As I couldn’t romance the opposite sex.

I have learning disabilities and borderline intellectual functioning,
Diabetes Mellitus, small hands and feet and I’m always skin picking,
I love stuffing my face, to argue and to moan,
All caused solely by my Prader Willi Syndrome.

My stubby little fingers are full of hatred

I cry…

Then eat..

Then eat some more…

I hate my Prader Willi Syndrome,
I’m off to eat.

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