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Spice up your life, a little.

11 Sep

It’s quite easy to get frustrated when food shopping. If you’re not getting assaulted in the back of the heels by OAP with an out of control trolley, then you’re doing your best to not to lose your temper at the fact that all the items you need are out of stock, so you have to wait 15 minutes whilst one of the minions has to go and ‘check out the back’ for you. On top of all this, it’s really quite boring.

To overcome this completely mundane weekly chore, I thought I’d try and inject a bit self-satisfying amusement into the task. I came up with this; Sweary Herbs and Spices. It’s really quite simple; spell out a few risque words using the herbs and spices that are on offer for an unsuspecting shopper to find later once you are long gone.

Here are a couple of examples:

Sneaked this in, but it was still noticeable as it was at eye-level


Tits; the last thing you'd expect to see in the herb section.


Have a go, and send me your examples to share.

Things that can be considered a computer game…

12 Jul

There really is no need to waste money on expensive computer games. All of the following can be considered a computer game, just make sure to shout ‘level up’ each time you complete a task. The only drawback is that there is no extra lives to be won, so don’t take too many risks.

– Reading Teletext
– Ringing the speaking clock
– Typing emails quickly
– Perusing the Internet
– Hole-punching
– Sending a text message to a disabled person
– Crossing the Road
– Using a lift or escalator
– Driving
– Having a shit
– Microwaving a warm, milky drink
– Swatting a wasp
– Using a pumice stone
– Hi-Fiving a small child
– Laughing at innuendo
– Masturbating into a bowl of porridge
– Winking
– Starting a slow clap and getting people to join in

Fun for all the family.

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