Letterbox Surprise

30 Nov

At the same time as we rediscovered our love of pulling moonies, we had another weird activity that would amuse us on a daily basis. It was literally getting ones bum out to fart. We found that when a backside was fully exposed, the pitch and tone of a fart would improve significantly, and so for a couple of months, every time someone needed to fart, they would drop their trousers before doing so.

One night a few of us were walking innocently through the town when Dan exclaimed that he needed to break wind. We immediately stopped in our tracks and watched as Dan dropped the back of his trousers and boxer shorts and then let rip with a fantastic fart that echoed splendidly. He then pulled his trousers back up and we ambled on, laughing like school children at his antics. We stopped in the town centre where we sat on a bench, chatting idly.

We hadn’t been sat down long when we saw a rather irate man approaching us, cursing under his breath. We didn’t have time to run, and anyway, we weren’t entirely sure if he was angry at us or not, so we stayed put. The man stood in front of us, and looked rather disgruntled. “Lads”, he began, “I got up to a bit of mischief when I was young. It was good fun, I admit, but trying to shit through someone’s letterbox is where I would have drawn the line”.

Trying not to burst out laughing at the risk of upsetting him more, I managed to speak up. “Sorry”, was the only thing I could think of; the image of Dan attempting to curl a turd out of his rear end and through a letterbox was at the forefront of my mind and I knew that if I had have carried on speaking, I would have broke into laughter.

“Just don’t do it again”, said the angry man, before he turned and left us, dumbfounded and confused, but with a possible idea for a future prank.

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