Things that can be considered a computer game…

12 Jul

There really is no need to waste money on expensive computer games. All of the following can be considered a computer game, just make sure to shout ‘level up’ each time you complete a task. The only drawback is that there is no extra lives to be won, so don’t take too many risks.

– Reading Teletext
– Ringing the speaking clock
– Typing emails quickly
– Perusing the Internet
– Hole-punching
– Sending a text message to a disabled person
– Crossing the Road
– Using a lift or escalator
– Driving
– Having a shit
– Microwaving a warm, milky drink
– Swatting a wasp
– Using a pumice stone
– Hi-Fiving a small child
– Laughing at innuendo
– Masturbating into a bowl of porridge
– Winking
– Starting a slow clap and getting people to join in

Fun for all the family.

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